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What is a CMS Website?

CMS is ‘short-talk’ for Content Management System.

To a small business, a content management system is both a blessing and a punishment all wrapped up in logins, content, images, manageable SEO and sometimes, headaches.

A content management system, as it is sold, allows you to modify your site all by yourself….
Sounds easy…. however, what you don’t hear is that unless you are modifying the site on a regular basis, are fairly software savvy and have bucketloads of patience, it can be a time consuming and frustrating process to do more than fixing up a few little words.

Below is a list of Pros and Cons of a Content Management System.  These days, you will find many


Add or Edit Pages on your Website Yourself
Having control of your business’ website is certainly a benefit.  Particularly for businesses who need modifications to happen fast.

SEO Benefits
Friendly URLs for marketing, SEO placement on pages, images and blog posts.

Develop the Site – As You Go
Current popular CMS software, such as WordPress and Joomla are open source.  This brings with it many great benefits including that of plugins and add-on modules.  These are mini programs which can be installed and configured allowing greater functionality of your site such as adding an Events Calendar, SEO enhancement, Scheduled Backups, Image Galleries, Social Media integration and the list goes on.

Quicker Web Developer Modifications
Any updates where you require the assistance of your web developer will be quicker to complete, as the CMS often automatically takes care of many things that would usually need to be completed manually.

No Developer Monthly Maintenance or Hours Rate for Changes
Why pay someone else when you can do it yourself? (but is it really that easy?)

CMS Backed up By a Helpful & Trustworthy Web Developer
If your website developer is in the business of having you do your own

Blogs are Great
If your website has a blog that you update on a regular basis, this is a great tool for both your site visitors and for learning the ropes of your CMS.


Break it, it will Need Fixing
If you get really savvy and make modifications which essentially “break” your website, you might need to swallow your pride and call on your web developer to fix the problem.